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Our History

While San Francisco was finding its way out of the chaos of the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906, several enterprising businessmen were drawing up plans for a hotel in downtown Berkeley.

Hotels in Berkeley, CA | Shattuck Plaza Hotel | Berkeley, CA

Francis Kittredge Shattuck, born in New York, was one of the adventurous gold seekers who headed for the Mother Lode shortly after the cry "Gold Discovered in California" rang across the land. Along with William Hillegass was George Blake, he acquired a considerable amount of real estate, some of which encompasses the site of the University of California Campus and much of the present business district. In 1868 Francis Kittredge Shattuck built a Victorian estate on the west side of Shattuck Avenue. Subsequently, part of the Shattuck property was donated as the site of the Berkeley Public Library.

In 1907 Shattuck Avenue and Allston Way was selected as the site of the Shattuck Hotel. The hotel opened on December 15th 1910 and was immediately recognized as the city’s finest hotel. Constructed of reinforced concrete, the hotel is one of the few downtown buildings in the mission style which represents California’s Architectural heritage. The Annex was begun in 1914 and was designed "to allow the greatest freedom of air and sunshine." The addition increased the hotel's size by 400%, adding 120 guest rooms. It was the largest structure in any of the Bay Cities 5 feet longer than the Emporium building in San Francisco.

Hotels in Berkeley, CA | Shattuck Plaza Hotel | Berkeley, CA

From 1918-1942, the hotel was owned by William Whitecotton and operated as the Whitecotton Hotel. Then, in 1942, Wallace Miller acquired the lease and brought back its original name, The Shattuck Hotel. Miller undertook an extensive modernization program which lasted several years and included moving the entrance from Shattuck Avenue to Allston Way. In 1968, The Shattuck Hotel Management Company purchased the hotel and operated the hotel until 1980. In 1980 Firmateer, Inc. purchased the hotel and operated the hotel until 1999. In 1999 the hotel was purchased by an independent hotel company, which instituted a 2 year renovation, with the intention of restoring the hotel to as much of its original state as is possible.

In 2007, the Hotel Shattuck Plaza was purchased by BPR Properties. The company, which includes three UC Berkeley alums, is committed to providing a top hospitality experience within Berkeley's landmark hotel. Closed for nearly a year, the hotel received an extensive multimillion dollar renovation. Now an upscale boutique hotel within a historic building, the hotel has been restored to its place as the jewel of Downtown Berkeley. The Hotel Shattuck Plaza...History Reinvented.

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